Thursday, October 18, 2012

Getting Ready for S&W Workshop

OK, now it's time to put it in high gear and get ready for this workshop that I am giving on Oct 22-23, 2012!!!!!!

I went ahead and wove off my samples and now I need to put another warp back on. I am tying on using my cross holder. I am using 8/2 cotton.

Tying on using cross holder.

I need to get the paper work ready too. A couple of the students wanted to work on an eight shaft version of summer and winter, so I have prepared extra stuff for them. I came up with a seven shaft draft that should work.

Seven shaft single two-tie paperwork.

For the main workshop I will be showing them some of the different ways to treadle four shaft summer and winter (single two-tie). If they understand what is going on with the four shafts, then moving onto eight or more shafts will be easier.
Four shaft single-two tie samples.


Thistle Rose Weaving said...

Ann, your samples are perfect choices for what a weaver can accomplish with 4 shaft S & W draft. Love to weave S & W, it is a sturdy and fun weaving pattern.

Ann said...

Thanks! Come on down, there is room for you.

Thistle Rose Weaving said...

Sure wish I could make the trip but barn painting is on the agenda - that is if it ever stops raining long enough to let me get a coat of paint on. Have fun!