Thursday, October 25, 2012

More S&W Workshop

It was a great adventure, learning about summer and winter on four shafts.  I think everyone had a good time and have a better understanding of what summer and winter can do. I heard some of them saying as they drove out of sight "tie down one + pattern, tie down two + pattern..... .......what if I use a different color than the warp for the tabby?....."  Comments that showed they were thinking and learning about the weave structure.

Sam keeping the beat.

We had a show and tell the second day as some of the people who came to the workshop, don't get to come to all the meeting we have. And since they were a part of the original Friendship Coverlet project, we wanted to show them some of the 'put together'  coverlets. "Awesome" was the word of the day!!

Jane's gray Friendship Coverlet.

Barbara's multi-color Friendship Coverlet.

                                                      Bo and Shirley share their Friendship Coverlets.

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