Friday, October 26, 2012

Back to the Special Sock Project

Now that the summer and winter workshop is history, it's time to finish the special sock project. I am attempting to knit six socks using sock yarn that my friend Janice dyed on Sept 29, 2012. She dyed the yarn and I am knitting the socks for her. She will use the socks as Christmas Socks.

The great thing about knitting these socks is they didn't have to match. Of course when I knit socks for me, I don't care if the match or not, but others do. And I usually knit a six inch cuff for women and eight inch cuff for men using the knit two, purl two rib. But for these, the cuff is straight knitting with a ten inch cuff. They would make really great 'slouch top' womens socks (if she doesn't like them for Christmas Socks).

Here is sock number six about half done..................

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