Wednesday, October 24, 2012

S&W Workshop - Day 2

It was another great day of summer and winter weaving.
Dawn and I wore our summer and winter garments. Dawn not only wove her fabric, she constructed it too. I wove my fabric, but since I can't sew, I had another sew it together for me. We both must like purple!

Here are a few examples of their work:

on four shafts


one four shafts

Seven shaft draft! He says he was just playing around. I like it!

Shirley and Barbara on their table looms.

Shirley, Karolyn and Becky 'talk weaving'.

And look what they gave me on Day One! They are such a great group!! I look like a weaving teacher.


Anonymous said...

Your handwoven blouse is lovely! You must be a great teacher, the weaving shuttle gift proves it. Congrats!

Ann said...

Thanks for your kind words. It was a fun but busy two days!