Monday, January 9, 2012

Warp wound

Warp is wound and I am using a really great tip I got from Kathy H. (She got it from Jeff R.) They are pot holder loopers! Not the cotton ones, but the nylon ones. They work great and I have been using them with all kinds of fibers and they do not slip or loosen until I want them to.

Choke ties using loopers. Click to enlarge.


Jenny Bellairs said...

I just found your blog. Thanks for the looper tip. I think I will get some and try the technique. It looks fast, and would be nice for anyone that is starting to get arthritic hands (like me).
Jenny in Charlevoix the beautiful

Ann said...

Thanks for stopping in. I am rather new at this blog business, but hope to let other know of some of the tips I run across. That looper tip was my top pick for the entire year of 2011!

Thanks again,