Sunday, January 8, 2012

The Beginning

I will jump right in and tell you about my latest adventure. I belong to Complex Weavers and have three study groups I participate with. I am working on the Complex Weavers Tied Weaves Study Group samples today. I have a draft and have picked out my fibers. I am going to combine single-two tie with bamboo. I have some Bambu 7 and Bambu 12 left over from another project and will use this for my samples and a scarf.  This lovely yarn is from Cotton Clouds (just a satisfied customer). It's always fun to work with yummy threads.

This is the draft I will be working with. I am going to try this with the warp and tabby the same and a different color for the weft. I have a couple of different colors in mind, but haven't made up my 'mind' yet.

I like when Laura Fry tells us what she is reading, so I will do the same. I am reading Inherintance by Christopher Paolini.

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Tammy said...

Mum!!! I'm so glad you finally crated a blog.
I love this pattern.
I've got lot's of comments on the lovely woven Christmas gifts you gave us.
Can't wait to see the final product.