Sunday, January 29, 2012

More Sampling

OK, this Boulevard warp is being difficult. Or maybe it's the operator! I just can't seem to get the look I am after. I don't know if it's my treadling or the colors I have chosen to use. I re-read Dr. Bateman's definition of Boulevard to see what I was missing.

* Boulevard is a unit weave.
* It has a tie group of three threads always on shafts 1-2-1
* The tie group can be used to separate the blocks or can be woven in tabby giving a stripe effect
* The six blocks (I am using) are arranged in Tag form

OK, I get that. But how does he work with the treadlings of this weave? One way he says you can weave is as-drawn-in (which I was not doing). So maybe it's my treadling and not the color choices I have made.

So I have woven pattern treadles 8-9-10-9-8  (with tabby).  This is getting closer to what I am looking for.

I am using the same color for pattern weft as pattern warp with a dark brown as tabby.

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