Saturday, January 21, 2012

Bateman Weaves

Another of my Complex Weavers study groups is based on Dr. William G. Bateman's Manuscripts. This year our Bateman Weaves Study Group will tackle Boulevard, Chevron and Combination Weaves. Edited by Virginia I. Harvey. Shuttle Craft Guild Monograph Thirty Eight.

I have been working with the six thread six blocks that appear on page 29 of this Monograph. Dr. Bateman says the blocks are arranged in tag form. I have kept to his general idea and created my draft. My goal is table runners (and study group samples).

Now for the colorway. My inspiration was from the December 2011 Missouri Conservationist and a photo taken by Noppadol Paothong.

My warp will be multicolored. I am using brown for the 1-2-1 tie-downs and gold for the pattern shafts. The weft pattern color will be the cream with the blue as tabby. But of course, I will have to sample to see if this will work. 

I am off to wind the warp!

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