Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The End and Show and Tell

Do you see what I see? I see knots!
 Looking from the back of the loom, you can see 'the knots' have gone almost as far as they can go. Sometimes when I finish a warp, I am really glad. And some times, I wish I had just a few more inches. With this 6 yard warp, I needed more. But I will move on. I was able to get my 21 samples and a couple of runners. I will have to wait and see how they 'wash up'. After all, "it isn't finished until it's wet finished", said Laura Fry. And she is so right!!

I like to make bookmarks. They make great gifts for family and friends. But my stash has run low, so that may be the next project I tackle. Here is the show and tell for the day:

The top bookmark is overshot with beads! Who knew you could add beads to overshot??
The second bookmark is plain weave.
Click to enlarge.

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