Saturday, August 4, 2012

Rug - On The Diagional

OK, now that the knee is feeling a bit better, I think I will just play around with the rest of this warp. Since I don't know much about weaving rugs, I feel like I can do as I please. I am using the same size wool for tabby and pattern. If I were weaving for a coverlet, I would use the same size thread as the warp for tabby.

I am attempting to weave this overshot threading 'on the diagional'. The idea is to weave the overshot blocks according to your threading. If you do it right, you don't have written directions, you follow the blocks across, one by one.

The yellow pin head helps me know which block I have just finished so I can go to the next one.

According to A Handweaver's Workbook by Heather G. Thorpe "Many of the old colonial designs, especially those for coverlets, were woven so that each block which occurred on the diagonal of the design became a square, hence the term square the diagonal."

The last block was on treadle three and woven five times, the next block will be either treadle two or four. I see that it must be treadle two and I will weave it three times. This next block shares a thread with the last block. I will move the pin after I finish each block.

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