Friday, August 17, 2012

Rug - Edge Treatment

Now it's time to work on the real Breakfast Rug. I mis-spoke when I called the purple/white rug that. I should have called that one the 'Cups and Saucers Wall Hanging'. This rug, with it's oatmeal, brown, and green is the real Breakfast Rug! (Oatmeal with it's brown sugar and butter, brown coffee, and green eggs and ham colors.)

I have turned the rug to the back side and have done a half Damascus edge across from right to left. Now I am darning in each warp end into the rug. Because of where this rug will reside, at front door, I didn't want fringe. I found out how to do this edge treatment in this Weaver's Journal: October 1977 , and it can be found at this on-line archive of weaving and related topics. 

I have gone right to left for the Damascus edge and will now darn in from the left to right.

After I get all the warp ends darned in, I think I will use 'fray check' to help seal the edge.

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