Monday, August 13, 2012

Rug - Cut Off Loom

The rugs that I have been working on are from The Weaver's Journal, April 1980, pages 27-39. The name of the article is Designing Rugs for Harness-Controlled Weaving.

The green/yellow rug is what I wove first. It is woven Boundweave Woven on Opposites. Notice that there is not a diagonal line through this design. Tabby is not used.

The next one is three colors and is Boundweave Woven Italian Fashion. I have a treadling error (that I was consistent with) that gives it  a more curvy look than it should have. And with this draft there isn't the diagonal line we normally look for when we see overshot. This was woven with three colors, no tabby.

This last one is the purple/white where I wove it as-drawn-in. I like it the best. But should have used the carpet warp as tabby instead of the white wool. That might have helped my square it better. Because of the four wheels (cups) in the center, the diagonal line appears not to be there, but look closely and you will see that I wove two repeats on-the-diagonal.

Woven: . As-drawn-in, . On the Diagonal, . Tromp As-Writ
Anyway you say it, it was Weaving For The Fun Of It!!

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