Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Rug - Getting Close To Done

Got some serious weaving done and wove to the 66 inches mark. If I did another complete repeat, it would have  make the rug over 80 inches and since I measured the spot I plan on putting the rug, the 66 inches is just perfect. So the rug knew more than me! Remember, I am out of my comfort box weaving this rug.

I have a little warp left, so I will just play with that.  Or maybe tie on and do more?????

Next it will be 'the cutting off the loom' and then the edge treatment. So I'm not really done. It's just the weaving part is done.

I am pleased to announce that I didn't have one broken warp thread and my tension was great to the end! Beginners luck?

Cups and Saucers Breakfast Rug.

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