Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Rug - Cups and Saucers or Wheels and Tables

The fun thing about overshot is the different names of the designs. One region will call it Cups and Saucers and another region will call it Wheel of Fortune. Some of the names of overshot drafts are: Cross of Tennessee, Christmas Rose, Tennessee Trouble, Blooming Leaf of Mexico, and Gertrude's Fancy. One of my favorites is Wandering Vine also know as Cats Tracks and Snails Tails.

I have now gone past the half way point of one full repeat of my design of Cups and Saucers. If you can see the yellow pin head, you will see which diagonal line I am following to square my design.

My wheels (or cups) should be round, and my tables (or saucers) should be square. This next photo shows the very center of one repeat.

I am following the diagonal line that is running through the center of the table on the left. The "X" is marking the center of the threading that I am following. 

 *OK, .... The line of blocks I am following goes through the center of the table on the left. If I only pay attention to the block I am following, the other parts of the design take care of themselves. (6:45 am)!

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