Monday, August 27, 2012

Overshot Sampling On Eight

For the first two colors I am trying out, I have picked a red and green. I am not to sure they are going to give me the WOW effect I was going for. Maybe the red or maybe the green should have been a darker shade. I will have to look in the old stash and see what I have. ...............But that is why I put on extra warp: to SAMPLE - SAMPLE - SAMPLE!!!

For some reason, the draft must be for a sinking shed loom as I am weaving this upside down. And since this loom isn't that easy to tie-up, I can live with it. I will try to get you a photo once it rolls onto the front beam.

That is not an error between motifs. It is how to get from one to the other. This was intended as fabric for a pillow without a tabby hem. I have chosen to weave a tabby hem for this runner. If I think it will be to much of a distraction, I may go with twisted fringe and forget the tabby hem.

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