Tuesday, April 14, 2015

S&W to Double Two-Tie

sampling for bottom scarf
I have been playing around with a "double-two tie" draft. Double meaning that instead of the usual pattern shafts being on the same shafts, I have split the two pattern shaft threads and put them on different shafts. For instance: a normal summer and winter block is threaded 1-4-2-4, but I have threaded 1-4-2-8. This can make the edges of the block not quite so sharp.

Scarf not only finished, but mailed to friend. 

Now I am working on a different warp. I have tied onto the same threading as the above scarf. I am weaving it the usual summer and winter treadling of the "O" fashion. As you can see from the top photo, I have changed the treadling a little from the completed scarf.

New warp still weaving summer and winter.

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