Thursday, April 9, 2015

Guild Program - Plain Weave

Plain Weave is a vast subject. Linda gave a very informative program on just some of the possibilities of this weave structure.

She did have help when showing her sample of using crammed denting with plain weave.

The plain weave fabric can be altered by color, fiber, twist and thickness and the proportion of warp sett to weft picks. And using warp-faced or weft-faced patterns using plain weave is just a small drop in the plain weave bucket. 

"Plain weave fabrics can tell a story about the weavers who wove them and about the world around them. The special characteristics of different weaves reveal the history of textiles and plain weave fabrics have many names." Linda went on to have a list of 65 different names linked to plain weave. Some were familiar, but most we had never heard of.

Just a few of the names: Batiste, Bainin, Bandle, Cambric, Burlap, Nainsook, Sailcloth...the list goes on and on.......


Fudsy said...

Thank you for the lovely pictures. As a brand new weaver it's exciting so see all the things I can do with just a plain weave on my rigid heddle

Ann said...

Plain Weave can keep you busy for years. Happy Weaving!!