Monday, July 8, 2013

Warping On A Shoestring

For someone who only wears sandals or clogs, finding shoelaces wasn't that easy. Thank goodness I was able to get some from Nadine Sanders when I was at Midwest Weavers Conference. I also picked up her booklet "Warping On A Shoestring" to help me remember what she showed us in my three day workshop with her. The only way for me to know if this is the way 'for me', is to try it out!

First I have attached the flat nylon shoestrings to the front cloth beam rod.
I am forming a snitch know to attach the shoelaces to.
Now I tension the warp.
 So far, so good. I feel I have excellent tension. Now all I have to do it weave-weave-weave. Or maybe I should tie up the treadles first. Hummm!


Loomynatic said...

Ann, thank you for sharing this method. It looks very easy. I'm curious is it really so simple and effective. I will try this method because I hate to tie warp, really hate... Do I have to use flat nylon shoestrings or can it be something different?

Ann said...

You know, it did seem it was easier than my regular way. I think the fact the shoelaces are flat nylon are what makes it work.
And Nadine did tell us that they are hard to find. Unless you are in a large town, may have to find them online.

Thistle Rose Weaving said...

This method reminds me of lashing on using one long cord, do you agree?

Ann said...

I could never get the one long cord to work for me. This method seemed to work for me.

Loomynatic said...

I tested this method and it works perfectly for me. I may tie warp and not getting nervous more and more and more... Thank you!