Monday, September 24, 2012

Rose and Star Fashion of Weaving Overshot

While I continue to dress the loom, let me try to explain what I am doing...........................

I have one small 4 shaft overshot motif that I am threading across the loom on either shafts 1-6 or 7-12. I have taken the tie-up area and will weave one Rose Fashion and the other Star Fashion.  You will use tabby, but I have not shown it on these two drawdowns. (hence the 12 shafts you need). They will be woven with different weft colors. One pick will weave a pattern shaft from one of the motifs and tabby for the other, then change colors and weave the other pattern shaft plus the others tabby. (** refer to Sept. 19, 2012  post showing how to the threading works)

So if you have an overshot threading on your loom and want to change the appearance without re-threading the loom, try just changing the tie-up! This will work even if you don't have two side-by-side like I do. 

This is just an example of what I am doing to get star and rose effects side-by-side by changing the tie-up area. I have used the regular 2/2 twill tie-up. (I am showing the threading in black and the weft is white.)

Putting your tie-up in this direction give a Rose Effect.

Turning the tie-up creates a Star Effect.

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