Thursday, September 20, 2012

Overshot - Fringe Treatment

Hemstitching is but a distant memory. Now onto the next phase - fringe. Some may think this is double work, but I like the way it looks. I almost always hemstitch and twist fringe on the same project.

For the brown runner, I am just twisting the fringe in groups of six ends. This may be all I do for this runner.

Now this purple/red-purple runner is a different story. Because the white fringe seems to much of a distraction from the body of the runner, I am adding some of the purple and red-purple threads in the fringe area.

It's giving me the barber-shop look, but I think it will work. I measure the length I need of both colors, and use a needle to attach it to the hemstitching area. Each braid will have eight ends, four of the white and four of the color threads.

Next step will be to wash, dry, iron and put in the Gift Closet! Let me know if you are on my list. ;-)

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