Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Overshot - Colors Are Blending

Well, I didn't expect this. I was thinking about the red-purple crossing the purple when I picked these colors. But if you look you can see that something is going on in the plain weave areas. Some are 'blue-ish' and some are 'pink-ish'. In the original draft that Barbara Koch did, she used three different colors. Instead of a plain white or off-white warp, she used a color. So the moral to the story................. this is a lesson in blending colors too! Don't forget your warp color when planning a project. If anyone out there knows Barbara, tell her what fun I am having with her article that was in *Weaver's.

*.. this pattern is Orange Peel from Josephine Estes' Miniature Patterns for Hand Weaving -see page 38 of Weaver's, Issue 33 Fall 1996.

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