Monday, September 10, 2012

Overshot - Double Stepping

Using an eight shaft loom, this four shaft overshot design has been threaded alternately across the loom on either shafts 1-6 or 7-12. I have tied up threadles 1-4 with pattern and 5-6 tabby for one design. The next one on shafts 7-10 are pattern with tabby for that one on treadles 11-12.

My first pick I will step on treadle 1 which is pattern shafts 1+2 for pattern.
(shuttle is there to help you see what is going on)
And then at the same time step on treadle 11 which is shafts 5+7, for tabby on the second design.

(shuttle is there to help you see better)

Now I am ready to throw the pick.  The shuttle carries the purple color for this pick.

The is what it looks like with both treadles depressed ready to throw the shuttle across..
The next pick I will step on treadle 6 (tabby on 2+4) and treadle 7 (pattern on 5+6) at the same time and throw the red-purple color. I will alternate weaving pattern + tabby on one pick and tabby +  pattern on the next pick, as well as alternating the colors.

You can use the same design or different ones. They just need the same number of picks in their repeat. But you will need 12 treadles to get the job done.

****Weaver's Project,  TWO FOR ONE by Barbara Koch, Issue 33 Fall 1996

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Katie said...

Ah. It's clearer now. Think I'll stick to 4 shaft, though. This looks a little head-achey to me!