Friday, September 21, 2012

My Office

At the Office

Some people have a desk and chair. Some people have a long table. I have a warping board where I also attach things so I can find them. I have a sett chart, a list of sizes for woven items (towels, napkins, etc.), the 'sheep' my great-neice made for me, a photo I took I really like of my weaving, and of course some of my friends handmade cards, and also the guilds list of programs for 2012.  Oh and yes, my Weaving Diva things.

This is just part of my office, my looms are the other part, but they are not nailed to the wall! Oh, and then there is the area where I keep my stash, and my books, and.............come to think of it, my office is mostly the whole house.

Don't you love these colorful nylon loopers that I am using as choke ties. Another great idea from my overshot guru - Jeff!!

This warp is going to be the Rosey Star overshot draft that I told you about on my 9/14/2012 post.

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