Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Sock Alert

Remember when I dyed some sock yarn (March 9, 2012 post)? I have knitted up two balls and am working on the third. I would show you the 1st pair I made, except they made it into the washing machine and will now only fit a very small doll!!!!!  Lesson learned! These are 'hand wash only'.
But, oh, how yummy soft--alpaca, wool, silk.

Yes, I am using metal needles. I have used the wooden ones, but once I got a splinter from them, so I use the metal ones now. Besides, I already own quite a few of the metal needles, so why buy the circular needles and have to learn how the knit socks all over again? For me, sock knitting is 'zin'. I do it to relax my brain and covering my feet or my DH or my family's feet is a bonus.

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