Monday, July 16, 2012

Article for CW Journal

My version of Princess Dimity.

This is what the draw down looks like for the scarf I am making for my Complex Weavers Journal submission. You can see the areas of plain weave separating the blocks. When I am using a painted warp, I make the threading the black threads so I can tell if the warp will show very much. The white areas are the weft.  
This painted warp is 10/2 Tencel. I was going to weave another scarf with this warp, but can't find my notes.... Oh well! It is working very nicely for this project.

I had a cone of pale green in my stash that I think is silk. (When it's wet, it smells.) It's about the same thickness as the 8/2 Tencel that is on the market today. I should get a good drape with the Tencel warp and silk weft.  

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