Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Progress with Dimity and Rug

The rug yarn came, and it's gonna work. They're not really the right shades, but you can't tell unless you look under a very bright light.....and I only need 24 picks of the new yellow....and only a few of the new green. That's my story about that, and I am sticking to it!

This rug should be done soon. But since I put on extra warp, I am going to try weaving another one of the techniques in the Weavers' Journal (April 1980.) This next one will have three colors. 'Cause you know----- I ordered more yarn than just these two cones!

I did manage to get one of the Dimity towels hemmed. It's the one with the light brown weft. I like how the strips in the warp mingle with the stripes of the weave structure.

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