Sunday, July 8, 2012

Rug - IF Only

On the July 4th post I told how I was hoping that the three pounds of wool I had would be enough for a rug. Well, it might have been "if" I hadn't done a six inch sample, and "if" I had done the math "before" I started.  I do know I am to calculate needed materials before I begin. But.......................... didn't!  So I have placed the order for more, and if the colors don't match, that will be the edge I put under the bed!! I only had 48 picks until I was done ;-(

And, since I am using only two colors, that other pound of purple wool isn't doing me a bit of good! So back to the Dimity towels... I need to get them finished and off the loom anyway. Can't use them if they are still on the loom.

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