Saturday, June 2, 2012

Woven Shibori and Swedish Lace

It had to be done. I am in the dying mode and I love the look I get when I do woven shibori. So I will tie onto the Swedish Lace warp. It will be interesting to see how this draft translates to the woven shibori technique. I won't have this finished in time for the dye workshop (today), but I may find a color I like from the choices we will have that might work for this.

And with the help from my friend I will use 12/2 rayon with the 5/2 cotton as the resist thread.

So far I have counted out 150 ends. On the bottom peg I have counted out 50 ends and put in the green looper, 50 in red looper, and 5 groups of 5 ends around the end peg, which is really 50 ends. I am putting on a 6 yard warp. This draft has over 300 ends, so I will warp a little at a time between doing this and that. 

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