Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Dimity, Stripes within Stripes

That first towel I used the light brown for the whole length. For towel number two, I think I will put stripes on just one edge. I could go look at the cones of cotton I am using, but it's much easier just to tell you what I think the colors are. They are light brown, dull black, and dim-white. The stripes will be with the black and white.

Another thing I had forgotten about until I started working on this was that the treadles have been tied up to "walk the treadles".  I had never heard that expression until I took the weaving class as John C Campbell FolkSchool. Sure makes the weaving go fast. Not only do you use only one shuttle, but your feet just glide across and after a while you don't even need to keep track of your feet.

I have three stripes of white and two of black, and have started on finishing the rest with the brown.

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