Monday, June 4, 2012

Some Results of Dye Workshop

I was able to dye three warp chains and two woven Shibori scarves at the dye workshop. This is 8/2 Bamboo and I used Red Violet and Bubble Gum. (Dyes were purchased from Dharma Trading Co.)

This next warp is Rayon and I used Gray, Bubble Gum, and Scarlet. I am not sure which weft to use for this one. I will have to experiment.

 This next warp is Tencel and I went to the dye table and picked up two different colors at a time and dribbled a little from each bottle, then returned to the dye table and got a couple of different colors and then two more.... No rhyme or reason, just fun. I didn't even try to keep track of what colors I used. I think it's yummy.

The Woven Shibori scarves are still wet. I will have to wait until they are dry before I can pull out the resist threads. Stay tuned....................

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