Wednesday, June 27, 2012

June 25 Guild Meeting

Guild meetings are great places to visit with other weavers, learn new techniques, drool over exciting textiles, and share. We encourage each other with our talents. (click on any photo to enlarge).

Jane: Natural dyed , hand spun wool rug.

Shirley: Cotton scarf with beads.

Shirley: Shadow Weave.

Shirley: Wool Cocoon.

Bo's coverlet put together.*


Dawn: Hand woven wool felted pot holders.

Shirley entered her coverlet in the Ava Art Guild's exhibit.*

Larry: Cotton/cotton slub napkins, washed and unwashed example.

Shirley: Suri Silk woven purse.
* Eleven of us completed twelve friendship coverlet squares and exchanged them so we each could have a coverlet woven by each other. Our overshot mentor, Jeff,  wove the extra twelfth squares for all of us. Those who participated were: Dawn, Shirley, Becky, Ann, Jeff, Karolyn, Jane, Bo, Terry, Gayle, and Barbara.

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