Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Sampling Woven Shibori

OK, I have washed and dried, pulled out the resist threads, and then ironed this sample. I think that the twill-huck treadling will make a good design. I was surprised that the linen and soy silk didn't take the dye differently. Oh well, that is why we sample! I will use the rayon for both warp and weft.

This rayon must have been a mill end. It's not as shinny as I was wanting and the hand isn't super soft, but it does have a nice drape in the plain weave using the rayon in warp and weft.

As you can see, where the fushis and blue overlapped, I got purple. I like it! 

1 comment:

Cally said...

Ooh, yes, that's turned out really well - love the colour blend.