Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Getting Ready for Dye Workshop

I am getting ready for the annual Weaving Diva Dye Workshop this next Saturday. I have two woven shibori scarves ready to dye, and three warp chains. The thing about dying warp chains, is you need to know what you are going to make before you wind that warp. After all, you need to know many ends you will need. So going to my library, I picked a great book for ideas. I got this book from: The Weavers Guild of Greater Baltimore. 60 Scarves for Sixty YearsSome of you may be able to find it in your guild libraries. And I believe the Complex Weavers Library may have it.

I wound three warps with different fibers. Using 16/2 rayon I will use the Peacock Twill draft. With 10/2 Tencel I will do the V for Virginia draft, and 2/8 Bamboo for the Northern Lights draft. All three of these drafts will work great with a painted warp.

correction: the rayon is 12/2 ..updated 5/31/2012

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