Monday, May 7, 2012

Sample Sample Sample !!

I am using the same threading for this next adventure that I used for the Twill Huck Scarves. I am not sure how this draft will work, but I am going to try some woven Shibori with it. The warp and weft is white rayon and the resist threads (pull threads) are 5/2 cotton. The pull threads need to be strong and slick.

What I am doing is creating a plain weave scarf in the end. The resist threads are just a tool to get a pattern using dyes. The purple resist threads (or pull threads) are being woven between four rows of plain weave. I am weaving the twill-huck draft at the same time I am weaving the plain weave. I think you could use most any draft that had long floats as your resist pattern. Monks Belt makes a really interesting pattern if you only have four shafts to work with. Or if you have eight shafts, try a twill.

I have left loops on the edge so I will have an easy time of pulling.

Now I have added some areas of different weft threads to see how they will react with the dyes. These wefts are linen, soy silk, and purple 5/2 cotton. They should take the dye differently than the rayon.

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