Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Yummy Weaving

Another guild meeting before the snow 'flies' here in Cabool. As I was in-charge of the meeting, we did a lot of talking. It is always interesting to hear how other weavers solve different problems. Sett, fibers, tension, selvages, and other topics were discusses. Great meeting!!

Vicki had some natural dyed singles wool, from South America, and wove this scarf. Becky plyed it for her.

Shirley C. had a great M's and O's and a painted warp scarf. The colors were divine!

Larry made a table runner with an overshot draft. 

Sam shared some upholstery fabric she wove. Notice the (dark) back side, it shows the long floats you sometimes get with upholstery fabric.

Jane wove turned taquete and used different color wefts for these awesome towels.

Vicki and  novelty yarn scarves. The one on the left has more pink . The one on the right has more blue. Great drape.

Alpaca from South America was used by Vicky for these great scarfs. Her son brought the Alpaca back for her.

False damask towels from Katie. She kept playing with the treadling to get these different looks. WoW!

More towels from Katie.

Overshot from Shirley D. was luscious with this bamboo. She treadled the rose fashion. 

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