Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Transparent Weaving

Transparencies was the topic of Melissa's February program for the Divas. She presented several webs of multi-hued gossamer suspended in space transparencies.

The weave, characterized by an open tabby ground and colorful weaver-controlled inlay blew our socks off! Experimenting with 4/1 and 20/1 linen, she produced a great variety of exciting textiles.

Basically using this one book for reference, Melissa taught herself this technique. ("Sheer Delight" by Doramay Keasbey)  

Here is has worked on creating curves.

She worked with a cartoon to to create her transpareccies. 

This shows the gossamer effect.

She used positive and negative space and combined it creating effects to truly amaze. Just take a look at her examples.The hand on the left she used the negative space to inlay her yarn. The hand on the right she used the positive. 

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