Saturday, February 27, 2016

I Am Bound To Be Weaving

Finished my boundweave tote. It was a lot of fun weaving. I didn't follow any set color order, I just played around. The treadling order never changed, but I had free reign on the color choices. I used four colors of wool on a linen warp. A nice trick was to hide a linen thread inside the braid handle. This was to give additional support so the wool would not stretch if your bag was full.

I found this as a kit from Yarn Barn of Kansas. But as we all know, I have to follow my own path instead of the kits directions. A great place to start if you are new to boundweave. Maybe someday I will go to Yarn Barn and see what else they have!

I also ran across this small boundweave wall hanging I had made years ago. I used graph paper to help me with that one. I was going for a farmer, his wife, daughter and some sheep. Two fun projects.

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