Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Woven Shibori Program

After 6 months of prep work, I gave my Woven Shibori program yesterday. I was a little worried that the way I learned might not be how the "books" say to do it. But I gave it my best shot. My way works for me and I guess that is all I can hope for. I try to put on more warp than my project requires, then I work some 'woven shibori magic' on it.

A friend sewed together my fabric Shibori 'samples' into a blouse. I call it "My Blouse Of Many Samples". Thank you friend! For you see, I can make the cloth, I just can't sew the cloth into anything!!!

Here are a few of the samples I showed and discussed with the guild.
These two are kitchen towels.Showing your resist threads do not always have to go from selvage to selvage. 

This is a few scarves with some smaller samples. Some times the warp or weft  can be 'a color' and not just white (red sample).

More scarves and small samples. Sometimes you can use a rubber stamp to get the look you want. 
I find that the weaving isn't as challenging as the dying. The weaving was pretty simple- in I would do some plain weave rows with a resist rows between. But the playing around with the color and then when opening the fabric...... now that was exciting! Deciding if I want to use more than one color, which sides get which color, questions like that. And I found that if I didn't like the result, I could over-dye it or stamp on it, or even put some more resist threads using a needle and thread and dye some more....... This is not a subject I will abandon. I see lots more Woven Shibori in my future.