Thursday, January 14, 2016

Plain Weave and Rep

Kelly Marshall is coming down to my neck of the woods for a Rep Weave workshop in April. I wanted to try wrapping the loom since it sounded strange.... but didn't want to buy any new materials. I am using left overs! (carpet warp)

I might get a couple of place mats out of this. Just trying to get into the rhythm. I have had this mop cotton on the shelf for ages. I think it was for a rug, it is kinda rough. Or as we say in the fiber world:   "natural"!!

This threading is from the Joanne Tallarovic Rep Weave Book. I have Kelly's book now and will be reading it in preparation for her workshop.

This draft is only on two shafts! I am going for an 8 shaft draft when I go for Kelly's workshop in April. Love Kelly's color work.

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