Saturday, January 30, 2016

Shibori Treadling Options

I am still weaving on the towel warp and my shibori resist threads. I have the loom threaded to a Bronson design, and am playing with the treadling. I have two treadles tied to plain weave, so my base cloth will be plain weave. I have a total of 10 treadles tied up, but with this next towel I am only going to use 4 treadles for the resist pattern and two for the plain weave. Just because I have 10 treadles tied up does not mean I must use them all. Remember, I am thinking 'out side the box' while weaving this Woven Shibori!

I really don't have the treadles tied up as the original draft wanted. It called for 12 treadles, so I modified them to only 10 and made sure I had some kind of floats that would work as the resist.

I could use one treadle throughout or mix and match. (Using only one treadle throughout would give me columns.) Designing on the loom is fun!

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