Sunday, January 17, 2016

Rep and Done

Finished my place mats in Rep Weave. I was a bit disappointed in that the weft wasn't completely covered. I think for the Kelly Marshall workshop that she is calling for a closer sett.

My goal was to get used to weaving with a ski shuttle. A bit different than throwing a nice boat shuttle. I used some mop cotton on a couple as the weft and 24/3 cotton for tabby. On the other mats I used three strands of  'Sugar and Cream' . Two of white and one of a mostly white with blue and green flakes. And again the tabby was 24/3 cotton. Because the weft did show some, the little bit of color in the weft made for a nice color effect.

One mat hemmed and ready for use.

Four more mats waiting for hemming. 

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