Sunday, September 28, 2014

Wagon Wheels Moving On

I have come to the end of this warp. It is threaded to the pattern "Wagon Wheels" from "The Weaving Book of Peace and Patience" by Isadora Safner and Diane Piette. It was a fun project. I only put four yards on so didn't have much to play with. After I wove two different pieces, one green the other red, I went out-side-the-overshot-box. Taking the treadling from another one of their drafts, I treadled "Double Compass Work the Handsome Way." I still have my wagon wheels, but the diagonal line has been broken and give a different look to the area between the wheels.
This is showing the Double Compass Work the Handsome Way while it is still on the loom. Notice the diagonal line is not there.

Now it is off the loom and this is what the non-public (back) side looks like. Or I might make this the public side!

Here are the two different treadlings. Notice the different joining areas between the wheels.


Anonymous said...

Very pretty. I like the patterns.

Amanda said...

I have to say, I think I like the "Peace and Patience" treadling a bit better. I like the way it separates the "wheels." I'll have to track down that book. Just what I need - another weaving book!(grin)

Ann said...

I borrowed this book from the Complex Weavers library.

They have other out of print books we can borrow and not have to find another bookcase for. Because - I love weaving book too!