Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Reed Dance

You know some times we can't see the forest for the trees?

I was wanting to dent this Swedish Lace warp at 16 epi but didn't have a reed that size for this 42" Macomber loom. I did have a size 8 dent reed for the Baby Wolf. Well, it was one of those light bulb moments. I wasn't going to weave a 40 inch wide warp, so why not use the smaller reed and center it. Duh!

That is how I was able to dent this red Swedish Lace warp at 16 epi without buying another reed.


chrllrobb said...

I am wanting to learn to weave, so a lot of this doesn't make sense yet. But, I love the red yarn you are using. I have a 10" Cricket Rigid Heddle Loom and have an online class through I think it would be exciting to weave.

Ann said...

I haven't done any weaving on a rigid heddle loom. But for those who can't afford or have room for a "foot powered" loom, I think it is great. I have seen some lovely things woven on those looms. Have fun!