Saturday, September 20, 2014

Back Up and Reverse

Before I begin on another project on the big Macomber loom, I think I will play with the warp I put on the Baby Wolf for my big lecture at MSU. This draft is from a publication by Isadora Safner and Diane Piette. The title is "The Weaving Book of Peace and Patience". They titled it "Wagon Wheels."

I have used 8/2 cotton for the warp and 20/2 cotton for tabby. The weft or pattern thread is 60% alpaca, 15% merino, 10 % nylon hand dyed by one of my friends. She can be found here: . I was going to knit a pair of socks with this yarn, but liked the idea of weaving overshot with some hand dyed yarn. Diane: thanks for the cool yarn!


MaryB said...

Ann, do you have a copy of this book? Is it still copyright protected? I looked it up on the world catalog and it said there is an online version, but no indication of where?

Ann said...

No, I do not have this book. I checked it out from the Complex Weavers library. You have to be a member of this on-line group to borrow from their library. But they have quite a few out of print books to loan. Just google "Complex Weavers" to find their web sight.