Monday, September 22, 2014

Peace and Patience

This new overshot project I am working on comes from some draughts that a mother and daughter used to weave items for their home. The book I have by Isadora Safner and Diane Piette tell me that the draughts date from 1798-1826. The pattern I have chosen to weave is called "Wagon Wheel".  The Weaving Book of Peace and Patience. copyright 1980. It does not have an ISBN number.

I liked the green sock yarn I used first with this draft. I wove it to be a wall hanging. The pattern was not squared but elongated.

For this red version I have used 8/2 cotton for warp, 20/2 cotton for tabby and 2/18 wool for the weft. This lighter wool is allowing me to square my blocks. With traditional overshot you are to square your blocks. If I do end up squaring the blocks, I should end up with a square piece of fabric after I have woven once across the threading.  Time will tell!! 

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