Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Summer and Winter- Pink and Green

Pink and green or is that green and pink? After I have woven enough for this to flip over the breast beam, maybe I can get a photo of the back side. I am weaving summer and winter (S2T) on opposites without tabby.

I am not sure why I keep buying variegated yarns. I guess it's a hold over from my crocheting days. It sounded good in my head, but doesn't quite reach what I was thinking. Since both the green and pink are the same size here (bamboo 7), the motif is a little elongated for my tastes.

Now this might be a bit better. A scarf is what I am thinking with this design. I am making samples here, but if I were weaving the scarf, I would just keep making the pink flowers down the whole length.

This sample is pink bamboo 7 and green bamboo 12 with the warp as 12/2 rayon. This is making the motif much better. The drape should improve too.

S2T = single two tie......... summer and winter!


Helen Hart said...

Hmm, can see the pattern better in your first picture. So interesting the colors and yarns you use. I am in the cwtw group so your posts are helpful. Thanks, Helen Hart

Ann said...

After I have looked at this a while, it looks like a frog that has jumped and left his feet and body print.