Friday, December 13, 2013

A Little About This Slow Cloth

I am calling this 'slow cloth' because it is s-l-o-w. First I have to find a photo, print it on some fancy silk, cut it, put it in the correct shed..... And you should only cut one strip at a time so you don't put the wrong strip in out of order. I ordered this silk from Dharma Trading. (I have had good luck with this company.) It comes as a roll and you cut your size and send it through your ink jet printer.

I need to put on a different warp, and continue to 'try' to get that ticking warp - warped!  I am playing with Theo Moorman, ticking, and single two-tie. Three looms, three techniques! Fun! Fun! Fun!

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Helen Hart said...

I did this type of weaving many years ago (called "California Rags.") I used cotton, only cut to 1" before the other selvedge. Then the strips will stay in place and I guess you know to put a shot of your warp as tabby between each strip. Now if I repeated something you already know, sorry bout that.