Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Background Texture

Still playing around with the Single Two-Tie draft on eight shafts.  Another name is Summer and Winter on opposites without tabby.

With this draft I am not weaving tabby, but if I were, I would treadle 1 Vs. 2+3. All the pattern shafts Vs. the two tie-downs.

But since I am weaving 'on opposites' I do not want to weave tabby. If I want a solid row of background texture, I will weave these treadles:
2 =  tie-down one
1+2  =  tie-down one, and all pattern shafts
3 =  tie-down two
1+3 =  tie-down two, and all pattern shafts

I will repeat for a total of 8 picks. Yes, I am stepping on two treadles at the same time.

If you look real close it is different than tabby. Tabby is over one and under one. This is BACKGROUND texture.

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