Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Secret Projects Unmasked

I am now able to share a couple of the secret projects I have been working on. Party Favors!!

One of my weaving guilds choose as it's theme for it's Holiday Party "OVERSHOT". We were asked that if we wanted to be part of a gift exchange, that the gift should be something made from an overshot draft.  Several of us had worked on a two year overshot project, but some have little experience with overshot. So I came up with these overshot pin-cushions as party favors. So thanks to Sue Beevers and the Best Of Handwoven: A Baker's Dozen Top Projects in Overshot. (Interweave Press). This way, everyone will go home with something 'over-shot-y'.

Not overshot but still something for the party. These are about six inches long. They will be given to hostesses as thank-you gifts! Real simple. Use those leftover samples and cut hearts, sew, give!
I believe the sides that are showing are: turned taquete (red), plain weave (strips), summer and winter (green)!


Katie said...

Love these! And so glad you made the hostess gifts! Miss you guys!

Loomynatic said...

What beautiful trinkets!

Thistle Rose Weaving said...

Wonderful little overshot sachets, wish I was in your guild!