Sunday, November 17, 2013

S2T Surprise Present

I think I might have figured out weaving in 1-2-2-1 order with summer and winter polychrome and two colors with white tabby. Here is another small greeting card insert. To be embellished when off the loom.

OK, this is interesting..... If you take the bulb and turn it into a head, then the present is the body and use part of the cookie for the boots, what do you get? Why, I think it's me!!!


Anonymous said...

Wow, these are so cute and christmassy! In Germany, they have Christmas cookies and stuff in the supermarket since end of August (when does it start where you live?), and I find it ruins the whole holiday joy... but your posts may just change that! :D Thank you!


Ann said...

I am sure they started early here too. But I don't like to shop, so I haven't been paying too close attention. But I must say, I am thinking all year long what would make a good Christmas gift. (I have a secret Christmas Closet for gifts)